The Barrel-Aged
Old Fashioned

Our collaborations go beyond finished bourbon whiskeys.
We’re broadening the spectrum of our collaborations by barrel aging cocktails. A collaboration between John Hargrove, Executive Director of Distilling Operations, and our bar team. The bar chose a cocktail that survived prohibition : The Old Fashioned.
Basic Old Fashioned Ingredients
  • 2 oz. Bourbon

  • 1/4 oz. rich syrup/gum syrup

  • 2-4 dashes of bitters

  • Stirred and served on the rocks

  • *Optional expression of orange peel and/or cherry

The key to this innovation is John Hargrove, whose knowledge of distillation and love for the Old Fashioned influence our bar program.

John was able to acquire a beautiful Char 4 barrel from Zac Cooperage.
(Thank you Zach Zimlich and Bruce Zimlich!)

In the initial start-up of the bar, the team lost some sweat and tears testing recipes for the cocktail program. Every detail was analyzed on the old fashioned. Our vision was to keep it classic, while adding nuances that are specific to our bar and most importantly feature a partner brand. 

The Final Recipe

Once our recipe was complete we knew it would only develop more character resting in a barrel for a period of time. Experiments were made over the course of a couple weeks. 

The final product features a house blend featuring Belle Meade bourbon, a rich syrup made from sugar in the raw, red & white garden roses, eucalyptus, two different bitters and fresh orange peels.

By checking the barrel daily, we’re mindful of the development of flavors. Keep an eye out for the finished Old Fashioned, only available at Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar.


First we chose the bourbon, then worked on elevating our house recipe with fresh flowers, citrus and even tobacco. 

Check out the full process

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